About Boundary Line Foundation

What We Do. Why It Works.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the policy world before hearing someone grumble about “Federal Overreach.”  But what does “Federal Overreach” really mean?  Can it be countered using local governmental authority as intended by the framers of the Republic?

At the Boundary Line Foundation (BLF) we have observed that there are three camps that bemoan the real and problematic expansion of the federal government.  In the first camp reside those that complain about the government and then turn out the light, moving on to the next day.

In the second camp fall the information-and-education folks.  This well-meaning group provides the world with quality white papers, well-sourced information about the perils posed by a top-down national government, and ominous opinions about the dark future of an unchecked federal government.  And then, out goes the light.

At BLF, we are convinced that there are two ways to deal with the vast encroachment of the federal administrative government into the prerogatives of the states and the daily lives of the American people.  The first is to inject steel into the spine of the Congress such that it ceases abdication of its duties and turns to the difficult task of limiting administrative government and reining in the executive.

At this point, that approach does not appear to be working well.

The second way is for counties to actively exercise their legislatively delegated, 10th Amendment authorities during federal administrative processes.  Using this method, individual counties and organized county coalitions can affect, change, or even stop agency rules or proposals before they are imposed.

For over a decade and through dozens of initiatives, the BLF team has demonstrated that county governments can be educated, equipped, and mobilized to apply for themselves their legitimate authority.  BLF achieves this noble and charitable purpose by providing education and support, facilitating preparation of custom policy documents, and walking alongside of counties as they navigate the federal procedural maze and apply federal statutes and procedures to the agencies themselves.

The Boundary Line Foundation: Helping counties discover and actively apply their state delegated authority and 10th Amendment right as a check on federal agencies.

And because Federal Overreach affects us all, we don’t plan on turning out the light.