Welcome to the Boundary Line Foundation landing page. Just like good law and excellent public policy, bringing the details of a national foundation to fruition takes time. At Boundary Line Foundation, our objective is to achieve a multi-generational charitable foundation based on timeless principles. This site provides a glimpse of our vision.  We invite you to register to receive updates here. If you wish to communicate with us, contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Boundary Line Foundation is a national, Section 501(c)(3) Corporation that seeks to restore the national balance of power by bringing education and resources to County governments and local citizens during administrative decision-making. By applying foundational authorities to the initiatives of federal executive agencies, elected officials of state geopolitical subdivisions are well positioned to meaningfully assess, participate, and affect federal programs using government-to-government authority, restoring self-determinism, and bringing power closer to the people.